Airport Madness 3 ™

Control passenger jets at busy airports while avoiding midair collisions. Instantly download for PC, Mac and Linux.

Airport Madness 3 is an air traffic control game that involves runways and taxiways. You must strategically give takeoff and landing clearances to avoid midair collisions between commercial jets while moving them as fast as you can with no delays. A large resolution, nasty weather plus emergencies make Airport Madness 3 a must-have for those with an interest in air traffic control. Purchase securely and with confidence through the link below. This game has 20,000 Facebook fans. Try before you buy

    Air Traffic Control Games Large 1000 x 725 Resolution  
Air Traffic Control Games Emergencies and Nasty Weather  
  Air Traffic Control Games Four Challenging Traffic Patterns   Buy an air traffic control game combo
Air Traffic Control Games Real Pilot Voices  
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Airport Madness 3


Air Traffic Control Games
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Airport Madness 3   Airport Madness 3   Airport Madness 3   Airport Madness 3
Air Traffic Control Games

Airport Madness 3
Air Traffic Control Games

If you have already tried the free version, read this list of what you get with the quality full version:

Air Traffic Control Games Multiple aircraft types
Air Traffic Control Games A second airport layout offering a total of four separate traffic patterns
Air Traffic Control Games A much larger screen resolution of 1000x725 pixels (Much larger than free version)
Air Traffic Control Games Emergencies, Nasty Weather and Night
Air Traffic Control Games Real-world ATC separation requirements
Air Traffic Control Games Specific game challenges
Air Traffic Control Games Continuous-play mode
Air Traffic Control Games No ads
Air Traffic Control Games Free updates


"I just bought your ATC games and I have to admit, they're pretty darn good. As a former ATC I can relive the glory days without the BS. Good job on making a simple, yet fun little game to while away the day." - Gregory Kyle

"Just wanted to congratulate you on Airport Madness 3. Awesome game. Everybody here at work is addicted to it!" - Simon

"You guys have a great game. Keep up the good work!" - Kevin Adams

"Thank you for creating such a terrific game!" - Jamie Poppin

"Cheers! Thanks for all the fun! - Randy Ewing

"I really enjoy playing your games!" - Ashley Newton

"Words are insufficient to express my gratitude for your kindness! A very satisfied customer." - Walter Dunn


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