Airport Madness 3D So, you've decided to try the free version before buying. Excellent decision! Download Airport Madness 3D below, to install a limited version of the game on your system.

When you are ready, you can purchase an unlock key to instantly access all of the game's airports and features. You will not need to install the game a second time.

Want to try the entire game, risk free? Go ahead, buy the full version. We will give you a full immediate refund if you're not completely satisfied.


PC Version Mac Version


1) We encourage our customers to play our games on the Steam network. Steam is the world's most popular PC/Mac game distribution platform. There are never any installation issues, and updates are done automatically.

2) If you choose not to use Steam and instead download the standard version, PC users will require an unzip program to extract the program files after download. These can usually be obtained for free from the Windows Store. If you can't find one, I would suggest 7-Zip which is free and safe to use.

3) Occasionally an unsuccessful download will result in a corrupted file. Delete the download and try again, waiting one full minute after download appears complete.

4) Antivirus programs may prevent installation. Temporarily disable antivirus programs such as Windows Defender or Smart Screen. Some antivirus programs can be programmed to make an exception for Airport Madness 3D

5) Some installation issues can be fixed by first uninstalling Airport Madness 3D, then attempting installation again.

If you have any other issues, contact us here.