Airport Madness 2

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Airport Madness 2 contains several challenging airport layouts. You will be required to work at night, and occasionally in poor weather conditions.

$6.99 $4.99

  • Two airport layouts
  • A total of 14 scenarios
  • Continuous play feature
  • Adjustable traffic intensity
  • No ads or in-app purchases

Do you have what it takes to be an air traffic controller at a busy international airport? As an air traffic controller it is your job is to keep aircraft from colliding, while avoiding unnecessary delays. You are paid the big bucks for your visualization skills and guts. Just like the real job of an air traffic controller, you must pay attention and keep your eyes moving. There is always something that you could be doing! You must give takeoff clearances, landing clearances and taxi clearances in a strategic effort to maintain safety and efficiency where there would otherwise be total chaos. This is not a spectator's sport! After successful completion of all 14 levels of this simulation you will become an expert at visualization and managing priorities. There are two airports to choose from, and you have the choice of playing a levels-based game, or a continuous-play game.

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