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Airport Madness 3D is our bestseller, with two volumes available for purchase. Control air traffic at eight different real-world airports from a virtual control tower. Move aircraft quick, but avoid collisions. Built by actual air traffic controllers!


  • Eight beautiful airports
  • Real-world terrain
  • Both surface and air radar displays
  • Built by air traffic controllers
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee

Big Fat Simulations proudly offers you the seventh version of Airport Madness. This is a 3-dimensional version of the popular game series, offering players the view from an airport control tower. Available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Steam.

Volume One of Airport Madness 3D offers eight complex airports: Boston Logan, Los Angeles, LaGuardia, Jamaica, Toronto Island, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, Vancouver Harbour float plane base, and Castlegar. Airport Madness 3D offers 40 different aircraft that include the Airbus 380, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, even the Concorde.

Each airport has two separate traffic patterns, offering you two completely different air traffic control experiences. Choose from four different view perspectives: tower, runway cam, sky view, as well as cockpit view. Monitor air traffic from two radar screens, one for ground traffic and one for airborne traffic.

Flight characteristics are highly realistic. Aircraft actually raise their nose during the takeoff rotation and landing flare. This game is brought to you by real-world air traffic controllers. We've captured all of the fun aspects of air traffic control, and present them to you here in Airport Madness 3D.

Want to try the game risk-free? Go ahead and buy it. We will give you a full immediate refund if you're not completely satisfied.

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Airport Madness 3D

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Airport Madness 3D

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Airport Madness was first created in 2008. We've worked hard to compare our game to that of 3D simulations that are currently for sale elsewhere, and what we feel everybody wants is a game that's easy to play, is lots of fun, and is highly addictive.

As this is our seventh version of Airport Madness, you may be wondering just how many of these games we plan to make. In fact, we have an endless list of improvements and variations that we hope to offer you in the coming years of Airport Madness. Expect a new game each year.

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