Airport Madness Bundle

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Save 30% when you buy all 8 Airport Madness games. Own the entire series, including our latest Airport Madness 3D games!


  • Own the entire Airport Madness series
  • Save 30% when you buy this entire bundle
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or a FULL refund

The Airport Madness series first began in 2008. We are now on the 8th version of our most successful game ever, with more on the way. Take advantage of this 8-game deal, guaranteed to keep you busy for a very long time!

AIRPORT MADNESS 1 was created in 2008 as a free online flash game. We eventually made it a standalone application that resides on your desktop.

AIRPORT MADNESS 2 quickly followed in 2009 as an extension of AM1, offering two airports that grow in complexity.

AIRPORT MADNESS 3 arrived in 2010, offering much improved art over its predecessors, including special challenges and a higher game resolution.

AIRPORT MADNESS 4 arrived in 2011, with professionally created artwork, six airports, and over a dozen special game challenges. AM4 has moved more airplanes than any other game we've sold to date!

AIRPORT MADNESS: TIME MACHINE was created in 2013. It is dramatically different from the other games. It is a time journey spanning from 1925 to 1970 as an ever-growing airfield that witnesses Amelia Earhart, World War 2, and other historic moments.

AIRPORT MADNESS: WORLD EDITION arrived in 2014 and was a huge success, getting accepted on the Steam Network very quickly. It offers 12 real-world airports and beautiful artwork.

AIRPORT MADNESS 3D is the new generation of Airport Madness. It was our first 3-dimensional version of Airport Madness, and offers 8 real-world airports. It is our bestseller!

AIRPORT MADNESS 3D: Volume 2 takes the game to a higher level of complexity with 8 challenging airports. Master Airport Madness 3D first, then try this one!