Radar Chaos

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Radar Chaos is a fun realistic radar-based air traffic control game and simulation. Unlike the Airport Madness series, this game is all radar.

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  • Ten levels of realistic radar action
  • Emergencies and bad weather
  • Designed for beginners and experts

We have put great effort into making a game that is easy to play, out of a concept that is otherwise very technical. Although the program contains instructions, a new player should be able to simply grab the mouse and start clicking their way through the scenarios.The first four levels are basic 'maze' levels. In these leves we turn the realism slider back a little bit in order to give new players a chance to become familiar with the basics. All radar symbols and information have been simplified with the new player in mind. Those who have real-world aviation experience, or those who develop skills from the first few easy levels, can progress forward by selecting higher realism options such as realistic data tags and aircraft radar imagery, the true-airspeed model, as well as realistic aircraft performance. This game will have something for everyone. Try the demo version, which offers a time-limited single-level taste of Radar Chaos! The basic concept of a radar controller's job is to handle air traffic while it is outside of the airport environment. It is the radar controller who must be able to handle a swarm of arrivals, line them up on final approach, all 3 miles apart, then hand them over to the tower controller. And it is the radar controller who must be able to handle a flurry of departures by keeping them separated from each other, and from arrivals, then setting them on course for their destinations. Just like the real world of air traffic control, there is a great deal of decision making in this simulation.

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