Radar Chaos Bundle

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Do you have what it takes to be a radar controller? Get all three Radar Chaos games here, a $25 value.


  • Three Radar Games - $25 value
  • Radar Chaos: The Original
  • Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition
  • Radar Chaos: World Edition

Radar Chaos is a popular game series that we've sold alongside Airport Madness since 2011. While it is slightly less of a "game" and more a "simulation", this series is guaranteed to grab your interest and keep you addicted for years.

RADAR CHAOS: THE ORIGINAL was created in 2011 and was our first step in the direction of a radar game. It has basic user inputs, and a variety of difficulty levels that cater to the beginner.
Radar Chaos Instructions

RADAR CHAOS: HAWAII EDITION was built in 2012. It took a large step towards the Simulation Category with advanced control input and conflict prediction features.
Radar Chaos: Hawaii Edition Instructions

RADAR CHAOS: WORLD EDITION was developed in 2014, and offers a more user-friendly interface than the earlier versions. It contains several real-world airport TRACONS. This one is our favorite!
Radar Chaos: World Edition Instructions